From our time volunteering at Flint Eastside Mission.

Different servicing levels for different needs. ~  As licensed realty brokers, note that concierge services are ‘support services’. They are available to those who honor us with an agreement ‘to ‘initiate’ any & all brokerage’, ‘should you buy/sell/ or use referral services in the next 365 days’.




CONCIERGE (not realty buy/ sell/ relocation)



FREE ASSISTANCE: Know someone that could use tax prep assistance? eg: laid off/ medical need/ retired/ etcMom-Emma-Ruben-John-1930s

  • Its FREE to those within these modest income guidelines.
    • We do request the privilege to ‘initiate’ any real estate activity this coming year via a signed 1 yr agreement.
    • To best assist, please complete the Life Vision survey.

> Survey completed ? Request an Appointment < click here. visa_mc

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