‘Doing Good’

From our time volunteering at Flint Eastside Mission.

‘But but but…., I ‘liked’ posts, used bumper stickers, and did thumbs up all over the place to show my compassion? I even did praying hands emoticons….’

Personally, I refer to giving as ‘Alms, Tithes, & Offerings’ & its not optional for me, but you may use the phrase ‘charity’.

  • Select any charity below & we’ll direct 10% of your concierge service invoicing accordingly.
  • NetWorth ‘Lifers’: Do you give 5% or more of your household income to humanitarian purposes annually? Have you used us to broker or initiate (AllOverUSA.com) all realty activity? Then you may qualify for a rebate at closing, up to 100% of your already paid concierge fees. (Retain us & have min$ transaction). Why? You already support causes we believe in and want to help.
    • Do you support needs for: food, clothing, shelter, a natural or medical crisis, a local mission, drug/ alcohol/ or trafficking, helping those persecuted?
  • Up to 10% of our realty brokerage fees go to your chosen charity. How? Put us under agreement with up front retainer, 5% to charity of your choice. We’ll match your gift additionally up to 5% in matching. (min$ transactions).
  • We screen charities & use tools such as https://www.charitynavigator.org
  • “Do Good’ theNetWorthLife.com Charity Donate

Your business with us helps support these efforts that we support:





Crisis Care:

  • Beauty for Ashes Helping get girls out of sex trafficking. Part of a national program.
  • Life Challenge The highest success rate for getting the addicted back to freedom from addictions.
  • Salvation Army Support financially.
  • Crisis Pregnancy: Abby Johnson is an advocate for the unborn, support & encouragement for those leaving the abortion industry, & for mom’s that choose life. Help them ‘do good’ at https://loveline.com

Low Income Seniors: Assistance

  1. pne_20190512_134413[1]Comfort and Joy‘ is an on-going program to connect seniors of very modest means with items that are less obvious. We collect life-like dolls, portable musical instruments, basic kitchen/ home/ yard tools, ‘you make up’ greeting card ‘kits’ with stamps, and ‘you make up’ new unused art n craft kits.
  2. Your friends and family: Know someone that could use free income tax assistance or a ‘property tax poverty exemption’ filing? eg: laid off/ medical need/ retired/ etc
    1. You may request an on-site tax prep workshop for your senior housing complex, church or community organization ~ prefer minimum of 3-5 signed up.
    2. Low Income:  FREE to those within these income guidelines. Significantly reduced rates for those slightly over these guidelines. eg: 75% discount for ‘next income bracket up’, 50% discount for ‘2 brackets up’, 25% for ‘3 brackets up’.
      • As realty brokers, we hope you’ll let us assist if you when its time to buy or sell. If another real estate office recently assisted you, standard rates apply for this ‘concierge service’. Please complete the Life Vision survey for best assistance.Mom-Emma-Ruben-John-1930s

Your local charity that assists people with basic needs & support.

Like your charity added to my giving list? Please provide contact info, web link and photo to get started.

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