From our time volunteering at Flint Eastside Mission.

Personally, I refer to giving as ‘Alms, Tithes, & Offerings’ & its not optional for me, but you may use the phrase ‘charity’.

  • Select any charity below & we’ll direct 10% of your concierge service invoicing accordingly.
  • ‘Lifers’: Do you give 5% or more of your household income to humanitarian purposes annually? Then you may qualify for a rebate at closing, up to 100% of your already concierge fees. Why? You already support causes we believe and want to help.
  • Not a ‘Lifer’ ?: Up to 10% of our realty brokerage fees go to your chosen charity, 5% to charity of your choice by putting us under agreement with up front retainer. Additional 5% in matching your giving.
  • We screen charities & use tools such as
  • “Do Good’ Charity Donate

Highlighting Children:

Your business with us helps support these child empowerment efforts that we support:

Global Focus:


Urban Focus:

Crisis Care:

  • Beauty for Ashes
    • A local group of women helping get girls out of sex trafficking. Part of a national program.
  • Life Challenge
    • The highest success rate for getting the addicted back to freedom from addictions.
  • Salvation Army
    • Support financially.

Your friends and family: Know someone that could use tax prep assistance? eg: laid off/ medical need/ retired/ etcMom-Emma-Ruben-John-1930s

    • Low Income: FREE to those within these modest income guidelines.
      • As realty brokers, we’d like the favor to assist if you should buy or sell, hence, we request a signed 1 yr realty agreement on file to use us for any real estate activity this coming year.
      • and ask you complete the Life Vision survey.

Your local charity that assists people with basic needs & support.

Like your charity added to my giving list?

Please provide contact info, web link and photo to get started.

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