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Realty NetWorth – ‘Realty Therapists’

~ Portfolio Real Estate Brokerage / It’s Your Bigger Picture. Approaching property holdings from a lifelong perspective, integrated to your overall net worth. ‘You’re not buying a candy bar.‘, with nearly 4 decades of multi-state licensed servicing clients, call Paul Anibal your Portfolio Brokerage Officer. Client-buyers perks like a ‘1 year stress reduction packet’ on most purchases. START

NetWorth Basics – ‘Financial Therapists’

*Concierge services for brokerage clients include: Income tax, forensic consulting, entity selection, custom spreadsheets to assist decisions/ track investments/ etc, bookkeeping setup, stock investing tool-kits. *Exclusive provider of YourSpace 24/7, interactive portal with your docs, files & communications. Free or rebates for ‘lifers’. *services available only with 1 yr. min. service agreements initiating ‘any & all realty brokerage’ through us. START

AllOverUSA – ‘Relocation Therapists’

~ Moving can be traumatic ~ I don’t wish it on anyone that doesn’t want to do it. Yes, I really do have 100+ ‘counseling’ books. Moves for work, pleasure, & life changes are all special challenges, be it marital status, birth, death, estate or health. I’m here to ask questions anytime, visit on location as appropriate, & be an ‘accountability’ pro you want your local agent to know about. NO COST – REBATE AT ESCROW CLOSE! Lots … LOTS of benefits! START

Florida Realty 101 – ‘Rest & Relaxation Therapists’

~ A Florida licensed broker with decades of on location experiences all over the state. Our family has realty brokers on both coasts. We’ll put decades and decades of expertise to work for you. What do you have in mind? START

‘Workshops’ – theNetWorthLife


~ Exciting interactive workshops, for your church or civic group. We facilitate growing your wisdom in practical major life matters, starting with the firmest foundation & going, or rather growing, from there. Here’s an hors d’oeuvre: https://www.quora.com/profile/Call-me-Paul


Mentoring Marriages – ‘Mentoring Therapists’

anibal-group-llc-realtynetworth-happy-brokers~ A ministry site only.  We are NOT professionals nor selling anything, but we’ll accept your friendship. We created MentoringMarriages.com because ‘a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken’.  We find good ideas, tips and resouces and post them for future reference and to share with others. Changes, struggles, or keeping the spark, success comes with tools & encouragement. For us, we enhance each others ministry as we draw closer to Christ. READ

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  • Life Vision
  • AND: Annually UNLOCK YourSpace247 with an updated agreement to use us to ‘initiate’ all brokerage/relo activity in the coming year, signed by ALL of record real estate owners/ trustees/ POA’s/ executors.

Offer good thru end of ‘Annual Review’ season Concierge services: All non-real estate activity such as ‘Annual Review with Tax Prep’ require a $500 retainer, but you may waive this (unless you used another Realtor after using our services), with an *up-front 1 yr. ‘agree to use Anibal Group LLC‘ to ‘initiate’ any/ all real estate brokerage activity you have authority to transact.

  • *Agreement must be signed by all persons on title(s) or with signing authority (POAs/ etc) eg: children.

Our business clients are referrals, they are friends & neighbors, they are new acquaintances ~ from near and far. Typically, you’ll do business with us for decades.

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Romans 12:1,2 ‘Do not conform to the ways of the world but be transformed…’

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