What is on your business card?

~ “Financial Transitions Chaperone”.

So you try to place ads, insert your bio into ‘social sites’, plug in to search engine submission forms. “Job or Industry” it says. 😦

Here’s where you get the ‘fill in the blank’ AI algorithm all angry at you.

My mother, right there, always said “live is hard at best”. Mind you, she lived basically independent and complimenting all she passed, to age 100. Carefully arising, self grooming, and making her meals, always always saying “yes, I’d love to” when asked if she’d like to go with me today.pne_20190512_134413[1]

After 40 yrs, and experiences with many complex people, emotions, and challenging life situations of the clientele I love to serve, “Broker”, “Agent”, “Tax Guy” I consider nearly an insult. Do, however, call me your ‘therapist’ or ‘mentor’.

Dad was a real estate broker & brilliant property investor, all while serving in the community. Mom was diligent in all she did. I watch her hand address about 100 Christmas at age 99, just before Covid locked her doors. Their combined life approach is my goal, my role model as a ‘cord of 3 strands, not easily broken’ as scripture states.

So, yes, even if the ‘apps’ want me to be put in a box, I’m thankful my clients keep me in their ‘contact list’ as I try to chaperone them through yet another of life’s ‘transitions’. 🙂

ps, miss your mom, miss you dad !

How I’ll assist you depends on the ‘season’ you are in – life or financial:

– You’ve not been thru this before and a ‘been there, done that’ perspective gives you someone to ‘ask anything/ anytime”.

  • Should we build new or buy pre-owned  ?
  • Move-in ready or fixer upper ?
  • What are different ways to start investing, comparing ROI vs investment of time & talents ?
  • What to consider & look for when purchasing.

Paul your portfolio broker at Anibal-Group-LLC-All-Over-USA-Charleston-SC

– On a typical transaction I complete 400-500 tasks on average. I’m the ‘boots on the ground’ making the list, organizing it, check of the ‘to do’ items, and keeping the logs, docs, and contacts as I assist you on whateven level needed to process.

  • Moving cross town …. cross country.
  • Thinking ahead – estates, wills, and trusts.
  • Settling parental estate.
  • What to consider in titles n trusts in later years of life.

– As we move thru life, this phase is inevitable. What to do, who to turn to. Let’s work your situation with logic and reason.

  • Customer/ client gives me the tangled web, I help reduce it to logical steps, order of importance, and use YOUR value system. If you are unsure what your value system is, this is were we begin.
  • Transition time: changes in size of family. income, or health. Paul your portfolio broker at Anibal-Group-LLC-All-Over-USA-Petoskey MI
  • Many chefs in the kitchen: reconciliation of multiple opinions.
  • Income streams: S/T vs L/T rentals, type of income property, wholesaling vs flip vs landlording vs managed rental holdings
  • Timing is everything: unless ‘money isn’t everything’ …. which is true!
  • Forensics: research, professional opinions, and what to do if ‘something seems wrong’. Steps to take to keep people honest as you age.


  • Google doc spreadsheets accessible 24/7
  • YourSpace 24/7 for your entire on-going file in one spot!
  • Tax filings, entity set-ups, real estate data, construction/ remodeling tips, relocation assistance anywhere AllOverUSA.com
  • Empathy …………….. and 40 years of experiences as a 2nd generation broker/ investor/ builder/ tax pro/ ministry servant.

Copyright Anibal Group LLC 2023

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